Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Exposure

Photography, like playing a musical instrument, is a lot of fun. Anyone can make noise on a piano but to really make music, it is important to read music, learn proper fingering and practice your scales. Learning how to control exposure is a similar discipline. It’s not exactly fun but, if you ever want to […]

The Magic of Shooting in Open Shade

There is a myth that you can only get great outdoor images either very early or very late in the day. The “sweet hour” is best just before the sun goes down or comes up. Now those are spectacular times to photograph but you can still great images any time of the day. You just […]

How to Create a Great Photograph

I have written in the past about how anyone can take a great picture, with the main difference between an amateur and a professional photographer being the consistency and the regularity of getting that great snap. As a professional, if you miss the opportunity that’s in front of you, there is often no second chance. […]

Tips for Winter Photography

You would think that very little happens in the winter to gladden the heart of a photographer – but depending on where you are, you couldn’t be more wrong. For those of you in areas that get snow in the winter, you are coming into a wonderful season of opportunity. Winter is a wild and […]

An Introduction to Light Painting

Light painting is a unique trick photography technique which involves the photographer making some exposures by moving either the camera or a hand-held light-source. This technique was first used by Frank Gilbreth and his wife in 1914. Frank used a camera’s open shutter and some small light sources to trace the motion of various clerical […]

You’re a Business, Not Just a Photographer!

Can you imagine hiring the services of a lawyer who has never read a book about law? Yet millions of people start a photography business without knowing anything about marketing, selling, pricing or merchandising. The trap many photographers fall into is they love the photography so much that they simply focus on that and forget […]