“Big Ben at Sunset”

Today’s “Picture of the Day” features London’s iconic “Big Ben” clock tower paired with a very colorful sunset. I think photographer Nicholas Schooley did an outstanding job on this one. Do you agree? You can see more of Mr. Schooley’s photographs at www.flickr.com/photos/nickschooley/. Here are the camera and settings used to capture this image: Camera: Nikon D80 […]

“Northern Lights on a Starry Night”

Today’s “Picture of the Day” features just a hint of the Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights) on a starry night over Siilinjarvi, Finland. Most images featuring the aurora show bright swatches of color streaking across the sky, but here the colors are more subtle. I hope you like this image as much as I do. It was […]

Picture of the Day: “Abiqua Falls”

From photographer Dustin Gent:   This photo of Abiqua Falls was taken with a buddy from Minnesota when he visited Oregon one May. We had a great time although it did rain two inches on this day. You can see more of my photos at http://dustingentadventures.blogspot.com. Here are the camera and settings used to capture this image: […]

“Sunrise at Mesa Arch”

From photographer James Parker – Memphis, TN:   Mesa Arch is probably one of the most photographed arches in North America. This was taken just after sunrise when the light was still bouncing off the rock below the arch and reflecting up onto the underside, causing it to glow a deep orange. You can see more of […]

Magee Marsh – Lake Erie

From photographer Steve Loop:  This was taken before a day of birding at the Magee Marsh on Lake Erie. I woke early to test out my new camera with some long exposure stuff with my 9 stop Lightcraft ND filter. The clouds turned red and started reflecting off the water in front, and I said […]

“Douglas Falls”

From photographer Jason Haley:   This is Douglas Falls in Thomas, West Virginia. It’s located in the Monongahela National Forest, along the North Fork Blackwater River. This particular photo is a 3-shot HDR taken in the early afternoon with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Sigma 12-24mm lens with one .6 ND gel loaded. The […]