Canon PowerShot A2300 IS

Every photographer needs a backup camera that’s small enough to carry along in a shirt pocket when a bulky DSLR just isn’t practical. In our opinion, the Canon PowerShot A2300 IS is a great choice, especially with it’s street price of only $100 or so. Compact, stylish and simple to use, the A2300 IS also makes a […]

Nikon D5200

Nikon has just announced the release of their new D5200 DSLR, the upgrade and replacement for the popular D5100. On the outside the 5200 looks and feels very much like it predecessor, but on the inside (where it really counts) it offers much of the power and functionality of  the higher end Nikon D7000. The […]

Put Your Photos Onto Canvas

If you’re like most photographers you have probably taken more than one photo that made you think “Wow, that would look great on canvas!” Well, thanks to the genious behind a service called Point 101, you can now put your best photos on to canvas without breaking the bank. Point 101’s intuitive interface makes it super […]

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad and Android

Adobe has introduced a slimmed down version of Photoshop designed to run on either the Apple iPad or on Android devices. And while it obviously can’t do everything that the full blown Photoshop application can do, it does the basics extremely well. In addition to resizing and cropping images, the ability to work with Layers as well as many powerful image adjustments and filters are […]

Imagic Photo Enhancer: Photography software made easy

When I purchased my first DSLR camera (a Sony Alpha 300), I invested in Photoshop Elements 7 (I think it’s up to 9 now). It took me forever to figure out my camera and it took just as long to figure out Elements (remember, I don’t read manuals). For example, I had to Google “bokeh” […]

Change Your Life…in a flash!

Professional photographer and Photoshop guru Robert Schwarztrauber has been a Special Contributor to as well as a good friend for quite some time, and over the years I’ve come to expect nothing but excellence from anything that he creates, whether it be a masterfully captured photograph or a full-blown photography course. That’s why when he asked […]