“Big Sky”

From photographer Winston “Rocky” Rockwell:  When people hear the phrase “big sky”, they usually think of Montana, thanks to an advertising campaign by that state’s tourism industry. But the eastern part of Washington state has some pretty wide open spaces as well. The Palouse country, in the southeastern corner of the state, is home to […]

“Autumn at Nason Creek”

From photographer Winston “Rocky” Rockwell:  Autumn is my favorite season. I love the colors, the clean, crisp feel in the air, and the cooler weather after the heat of summer. Washington State is known for its wet, cloudy weather, especially on the western side, but when the sun comes out, there are few places that […]

“North Fork Falls”

From photographer Winston “Rocky” Rockwell:  The Cascade Mountains of Washington are just full of rivers and streams which offer some lovely compositions for photographers. One of these is North Fork Falls on the Sauk River. Located deep in the lush forests of the Cascade foothills about 40 miles east of Everett, Washington, this waterfall is […]


From photographer Winston “Rocky” Rockwell:   The Cascade Mountains of Washington offer photographers a near-endless stream of subject matter, from rugged, majestic peaks to gentle streams, from intimate “microscapes” to sweeping vistas. As an outdoor photographer, I feel truly fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest where there’s such an abundance of beauty. I had gone […]

“Calla Lilly”

From photographer Winston “Rocky” Rockwell:   I’ve always loved Calla lilies. They have such a graceful look, and the white blooms seem to me to symbolize purity and hope. So when I noticed on my commute to work that one of the houses not far from home had these gorgeous lilies lining the yard on two […]

“Delicate Beauty”

From photographer Winston “Rocky” Rockwell:   Next to autumn, spring is my favorite time of year. Everything is green and growing, the smells of fresh-cut grass and fruit blossoms fill the air, and the birds are awakening from their winter torpor. It’s a time of rebirth, a validation of the great circle of life when the […]