Close-Up Photography


Close-up photography (also known as macro photography) is the art and science of taking close-up pictures of small objects. Typical subjects for close-up photos include flower blossoms, insects, and other small, yet interesting objects.

In order to capture “tac sharp” close-up images, you really need a macro lens. In the past, macro lenses were typically prime lenses with a fixed focal length, but these days you can buy zoom macro lenses as well. While it is possible to take pretty good close-ups with a regular lens, the images will never be as sharp as ones taken with a macro lens.

Light is also an important factor in close-up photography. The best close-up images are captured when the light is bright enough to allow the use of a fast shutter speed. If necessary, flash can be used to “freeze” the subject and avoid blurring, but as with other types of photography, using natural light whenever possible results in the best pictures.

Camera shake is the most common culprit when a macro image turns out blurry, so the use of a sturdy tripod is essential. Also, if your Digital SLR camera has a “mirror lock-up” feature, be sure to use it since extreme close-ups can be affected by even the slight shake caused by the mirror flipping up when the shutter is released. And of course it goes without saying that you should always use your camera’s remote shutter release instead of manually pressing the shutter release button with your finger.