TodaysPhoto.org – Frequently Asked Questions


Hello, and thanks for stopping by TodaysPhoto.org! I’m Rick Rouse, the owner and editor of the site, and I would like to take this opportunity to answer a few of the most common questions that our visitors ask about it…


General Info:

Q.  Who is the intended audience for this site?

A.  Anyone who has an interest in photography at any level – pro, rank amateur, or anyone in between. Also, anyone who just enjoys looking at beautiful, interesting and humorous photographs or wishes to share them with the world.

Q.  Is TodaysPhoto.org a family-friendly site?

A.  Yes, 100%.

Q.  While browsing the site I noticed many references of a religious nature. Is this a “religious” site?

A.  No, TodaysPhoto.org is not a religious site per se, but as a Christian myself I often freely make spiritual references in my narratives and articles whenever I feel they are appropriate and in context.

Q.  Does one have to be a Christian in order to make submissions to TodaysPhoto.org?

A.  Not at all, but images, narratives, comments and articles may include Christian references if you feel they are appropriate for the photo or topic at hand. Anything deemed to be anti-Christian will not be considered for publication. Submissions that do not include any spiritual references at all are certainly welcome. In fact, the overwhelming majority of content pages on this site do not.


Picture of the Day (POTD):

Q.  Do you really publish a new picture and accompanying narrative every single day of the year?

A.  Yes, with the exception of Christmas Day. On that most special of days, the POTD section of the site is used to present a special Christmas message from me to you, and there is no accompanying photo. The other 364 days of the year however will each feature a new photo and narrative.

Q.  Wow, that must surely require a lot of work and dedication on your part. Do you have any help with the selection, image formatting, writing and publication of the POTDs?

A.  Nope, I’m solely responsible for all of those tasks.

Q.  Why do you do it?

A.  Because I love photography, and I love maintaining and growing this site. For a more complete explanation I invite you to check out the page titled About the POTD.

Q.  Does one have to be a professional photographer in order to have a submission accepted for publication?

A.  Not at all! Although I regularly receive submissions from some of the most talented professional photographers in the world, many of our published “Pictures of the Day” were submitted by amateur photographers of various skill levels.

Q.  Do you publish every photograph you receive?

A.  No, I don’t. Unfortunately, by definition I can only publish one photograph for the POTD feature per day, and since I receive many submissions each and every day I must be pretty selective about the one I ultimately choose to publish.

Q.  I guess this means that an image has to be of the highest quality in order to be selected then?

A.  Not necessarily. The POTD feature is intended for showcasing the work of photographers of all skill levels, not just the pros. One day the featured photo might be one that I would consider to be “museum quality”, but the next day’s might be a simple snapshot. It all depends on the photo.

In addition to sheer beauty, I also consider all of the following: Is the photo of something unique that you don’t see every day? Is it humorous? Is it interesting in some other way that would make it something that our visitors would enjoy seeing and reading about? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, there is a good chance that the photo will be published. Everything else being equal though, the most beautiful, technically “correct” photo will usually win out. That’s only fair, right?

Q.  Do you acknowledge receipt of all submissions?

A.  No. Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of submissions received each day, it would be impossible for me to acknowledge each and every one of them. If your submission is selected for publication however, you will receive an email on the morning that it is featured letting you know about it.

Q.  If a submission is selected for publication, how long will it be before it is actually featured?

A.  Anywhere from the following day to a month or two later. It all depends on the number of images already in the “queue” and the number of submissions received during a given timeframe. If I receive a photo that simply knocks my socks off, I might move it to the front of the queue and publish it the very next day. If a submitted photo hasn’t been published within 60 days, it most likely won’t be for whatever reason.

Q.  If I submit a photo and it isn’t selected, should I simply refrain from submitting another one since the odds are that it won’t be selected either?

A.  No, not at all. Please feel free to submit as many photos as you want, as often as you want, bearing in mind the various attributes of a photo that I consider (they are listed in the answer to 3rd question above this one). Every photo will be fairly considered on its own merits.

Q.  What is the procedure for submitting a photo for consideration?

A.  Simply click on the “Submit a photo” link in the navigation column of any page and complete the short form.


POTD Comments:

Q.  Do I have to provide my full name, location and email address in order to have a comment accepted for publication?

A.  You don’t have to supply your full name or your location, but it is greatly appreciated because it lets the other readers know that you are a real person. Also, it’s quite interesting to see exactly where in the world a particular comment is coming from.

A valid email address is required so that I can contact you if there is a problem with the submission. Your email address will NOT be displayed on the site, used in any other manner except as described above, or shared with any third party for any reason. Please see our Privacy Policy for a complete explanation. It is very short, to the point, and easy to understand.

Q.  Why are submitted comments not immediately placed on the site?

A.  This is a 100% family-friendly site, and all comments – indeed all content – must be approved by me before going live on the site.