Gordon Brugman


Photographer Gordon Brugman.

As a young man, Gordon Brugman admired the work of great photographers and thought photography would be an extension of his interests in several arts and crafts forms. While working as a craftsman with Great Smoky Arts Community charter member and close friend Dick McHugh, he was given a “Christmas bonus” of a Pentax 35mm camera. Self-taught, Gordon had the local one-hour lab process over 10,000 images in the next two years as he taught himself the “mechanics” of photography.
In the 20-some years since then, he has concentrated on moving beyond the technical aspects of producing good images to exploring the emotional content of those images. Believing each person sees the world through the filter of their own beliefs and experiences, Gordon wants to produce images that capture the feeling that drew him to examine a particular moment in time.
A 6-year stint as a photojournalist with Sevier County’s Mountain Press challenged him to put human emotions into his work. Going from capturing the joy of kindergartners at play to heart-wrenching roadside tragedies was a roller-coaster ride that forever impressed upon him the power of photography to capture our world and convey its many facets.
Concentrating now on scenic and wildlife images, he and his wife, Jan, a talented photographer in her own right, live at the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA.
Several of Gordon’s most recent images can be seen online at his online gallery. Comments are always welcome!

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