A Home Revealed II

Click here for a larger view             Photo and narrative by Doug Thomson.

A little over two years ago, I submitted “A Home Revealed” and it was the February 11, 2008, “Picture Of The Day”. In February 2008 our country was at the start of a financial mess that shook, shocked and scared the entire world. The scripture that accompanied the photo was Matthew 6:25-34 and was meant to remind us that God will take care of our needs and that we need not worry about tomorrow.

Here we are in May 2010 and most experts agree that we are closer to the end of that financial mess, but they are still not sure how much longer it will continue. I know there are many wonderful and amazing folks that probably don’t agree with the experts and are struggling so much that they cannot help but worry and that is why I am submitting this photo of “A Home Revealed II.”

Please look closely at the upper center of the photograph, the brown space is the hardwood floor of the entrance to my house! This “home” was built in a spring wreath that is hanging on the front storm door of our home. What makes it even more amazing is the front door gets used a lot! Sometimes I will look through the peep hole to watch the mother bird warm the eggs and tidy up the home.

I ask you to go back to Matthew 6:25-34. If this bird can build a “home” in a wreath hanging on an often used front door, God is showing us, we are going to get through this mess and we will be fine. May God continue to bless you and may God continue to bless the United States of America.