The Glory of Easter

There are many Christian holidays and observances, with Christmas easily being the most widely recognized and celebrated of them all. But as important as the day of Christ’s birth is to mankind, perhaps even more important is Easter – the day on which He arose from the dead.

Christians around the world celebrate Easter in recognition of the Savior’s triumphant emergence from the tomb. Three days earlier He had been agonizingly crucified, after which His lifeless, battered body was placed in a borrowed tomb.

Even though He had told them that He would return once again following His death, many of His followers thought His crucifixion marked the end of His amazing life as well as the end of all the hope and faith they had placed in Him and the Father above.

But just as promised, on that very first Easter morning just a little over 2,000 years ago, angels rolled the stone away that had blocked the entrance to His tomb and Jesus emerged from within, just as alive and vigorous as He had always been.

After shedding His blood on the cross at Calvary and laying lifeless in the tomb for three whole days, the Savior of the world arose. And with His resurrection He had defeated Satan, death and hell once and for all.

As we celebrate this miraculous, world-changing event throughout this day, let us not lose sight of the real reason we celebrate Easter amid all the Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and sumptuous meals. Let’s enjoy this day like no other because it is indeed a most worthy time to celebrate, but lets try to keep everything in the proper perspective as we do. After all, Christ the Lord is risen.