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Picture of the day - February 7, 2009

Autumn at Watauga Lake

Photo of a beautiful autumn scene at Watauga Lake in eastern Tennessee.
Photo courtesy of Shelia Campbell.

Eastern Tennessee is a land of picturesque mountains, valleys, and rolling hills, and you would be hard-pressed to find a prettier region anywhere on planet earth. Today's picture features one of the many beautiful scenes you'll find waiting for you when you visit the Tennessee portion of the Mountain Empire, an area that many consider to be the most beautiful part of the entire "Volunteer State".

My wonderful cousin Shelia Campbell took this picture, and here she is to tell us a little about it:
    "This picture was taken at Watauga Lake back in the fall. I was
    interested in a far range picture of the lake, but as it turned
    out I liked this view through the trees better. This image was
    captured with one of those little 'throw-a-way' cameras."
       --Shelia Campbell
This just goes to show that a great subject will often result in a great photograph, regardless of the price of the equipment used to take it. And while this image might not be "technically perfect", it is a wonderful picture nonetheless. Nice job Shelia!

Shelia invites you to visit her blog at
Visitor Comments...
    Name: Phyllis Helton
    Town: Bristol, VA

    Great shot Sheila. Thanks, Rick for bringing us the world.
    Name: Terri Householder
    Town: Spartanburg, SC

    This should be hanging on my wall!

    Name: Patsy Smythe
    Town: Newport News, VA

    Beautiful. It looks almost like a watercolor. Wonderful job capturing the mood of the scene Shelia.

    Name: Nathan Daniels
    Town: Amarillo, TX

    God has blessed us with an amazing country to live in, and scenes like this remind me just how amazing it is. Striking image today Mr. Rouse. Kudos to the photographer.

    Name: Ron Trees
    Town: Spokane, WA

    Very nice photo today Rick. I love the reflections in the water and the beautiful Fall colors. Fall is probably my favorite time of year. Thanks so much for sharing another snapshot of God's creation with us today.

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