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Picture of the day - November 5, 2006

Fall Colors At Backbone Rock

Backbone Rock in the fall.
Cheria and I recently took a ride over to Backbone Rock to check out the fall colors, and although many of the autumn leaves had already fallen to the ground, there were more than enough of them left on the trees to make for some pretty spectacular scenery. It was a cloudy day with a less-than-inviting sky, but that actually helped make the bright colors of the season even more vivid.

Backbone Rock is a favorite summertime destination that offers many relaxing outdoor activities for nature lovers of all ages including picnicking, camping, hiking, fishing and of course walking across the 75 foot high rock itself. It's quite an experience looking down from the top of Backbone Rock and watching the automobiles pass right through the rock beneath your feet!

But the fun doesn't stop when summer comes to an end! As you can tell from today's picture, the Backbone Rock area is absolutely stunning when the leaves are in full "bloom", and it's quite lovely when snow is on the ground too!

Backbone Rock National Recreation Area is located about 3 miles south of Damascus, Virginia in the beautiful rural community of Sutherland, Tennessee. To get there, simply take Shady Avenue and Highway 133 south from Damascus until you literally drive through the rock!

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