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Picture of the Day - September 10, 2009

"Backroads Surprise"

Photo of a beautiful and foggy early morning scene.
Photo courtesy of Juanita L. Ruffner.                    (Click on the photo for a larger view)

Photographer Juanita L. Ruffner obviously has a good eye for beautiful and intriguing scenes, and today's picture of the sun rising over an early morning fog is certainly one of them. Here is the story behind the image:
    "I go out a lot and photograph while I'm "on the road". There are
    a lot of backroads that I enjoy, each of which offers a unique view.
    The kind of day it is will lead you to nice surprises. Mornings are
    my favorite time. On this morning it was foggy and the sun was
    hitting the top of the trees and hills. I adore it when I drive upon
    a spot like this...Sunrays glowing through and atop the trees!"
      --Juanita Ruffner

Visitor Comments...
    Name: Yvonne Fitch
    Town: Herkimer, NY

    Name: Anita Bosley
    Town: Amarillo, TX

    I too enjoy driving down country roads, never really knowing what I'll find to photograph. But I always seem to find something beautiful or interesting to shoot, and it appears that you do as well. Great job on this one Juanita!
    Name: Gordon Brugman
    Town: Gatlinburg, TN

    It has been said that photographers are “Painters of Light.” If this is true then you have painted a masterpiece here, Juanita. Great capture of a perfect moment.
    Name: Gary McDowell
    Town: Kolokee, FL

    Wow, what a beautiful scene! It looks like something that belongs inside an inspirational calendar!
    Name: Donna Snyder
    Town: Bangor, ME

    Absolutely breathtaking Juanita. I LOVE this photo!
    Name: Eli Grantham
    Town: Bangor, ME

    Name: Tammy Dodson
    Town: Maynardville, TN

    I have a real affinity for photographs that exhibit spiritual themes, and this one is really gorgeous. Nice job.
    Name: Juanita Ruffner
    Town: Negley, OH

    I would like to thank everyone and say how much I appreciate your time for viewing and leaving a comment! And thanks Rick for choosing this image!
    Name: Rick Rouse
    Town: Abingdon, VA

    You're welcome Juanita. It was my pleasure. 
    Name: James E. Watson
    Town: Madison, WV

    Very nicely done Juanita!

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