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Picture of the Day - October 16, 2009

"The barn at dusk"

Wonderful HDR photo of a barn at dusk.
Photo and narrative by Gordon Brugman.                 (Click on the photo for a larger view)

Back in 1897, Noah "Bud" Ogle was told by the land assessor that the 400 acres he and his wife, Cindy, would build their log home on was "not fit for farming." Despite that negative but well-intentioned caution, Bud and Cindy lived in a small cabin while they raised the beginnings of the larger cabin which stands in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park today.

Life as a farmer back in those days was not easy, but the Ogle family had some niceties most of their neighbors did without. A log flume carried spring water to the back porch where it emptied into a double sink hollowed from a single large log. Running water!

They also ran a small grist mill alongside a nearby stream for grinding corn into cornmeal. They let their neighbors use it for a fee of one gallon per bushel ground. Widows and less fortunate neighbors used the mill for free.

No, life was not easy for these pioneers. But in return for hard work, simple living and a concern for family and friends alike, they were rewarded with a life lived in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet. As the weary Bud Ogle returned to his barn at the end of the day, he had to do nothing but look around to know his life was a success.

This shot of Noah "Bud" Ogle's barn is an HDR image made up of three separate exposures, all taken with a tripod-mounted Nikon D40.
Visitor Comments...
    Name: Rick Rouse
    Town: Abingdon, VA

    Great job as always Gordon. Your photos and stories of the Smokies are both entertaining and educational. Thanks a bunch!
    Name: Mary Bligh
    Town: Adelaide, Australia

    Nice job with the HDR Mr. Brugman. I hate it when it is used to excess and yours never are.
    Name: Phyllis Helton
    Town: Bristol, VA

    Very interesting!

    Name: Robert Schwarztrauber
    Town: Buffalo, NY

    Mr. Brugman's photos are always a joy to behold, and this is no exception. A wonderful fall scene with a captivating story. Just perfect for

    Name: Winston "Rocky" Rockwell
    Town: Kirkland, WA

    A lovely scene, Gordon, another spot your photos have made me want to visit in person someday. I'd like to see this one somewhat brighter, just to pull a little more detail from the shadows, but the composition is perfect! And I love the little lessons in the history of the area.

    Name: Kathy Beach
    Town: Maryville, TN

    Gordon, any picture you take, no matter how you do it, is always done to perfection. Your narratives are always so enjoyable, too. Thank you for always sharing a bit of yourself with the pictures you share with us.

    Name: Ron Trees
    Town: Spokane, WA

    Awesome photo Gordon!! You have had many fine photos here, but IMHO, this is one of your best. I love all of the colors and your HDR work is top notch!! If you had not mentioned HDR, I would have been hard pressed to tell that the process was used, which seems like the best way to use it!! Great photo!!

    I also enjoyed the information shared with the photo. Life was hard in many ways for those pioneers, but as you said, it was a much more peaceful time. You did not need to worry about your children walking down the street and having something bad happen to them. People knew who their neighbors were and cared about them.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing another great photo with us!! I really do like this one!

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