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Picture of the day - December 30, 2008

"Brown Island"

Photo of a gorgeous sunrise at Ireland's Brown Island.
Photo courtesy of Paul Flynn.

Today's picture by photographer Paul Flynn features yet another gorgeous scene from the Emerald Isle. The Creator blessed Ireland with some of the planet's most beautiful scenery, and Mr. Flynn did an outstanding job at capturing just a bit of it for our viewing pleasure. Here is a little background information on the image:
    "This shot was taken at Brown Island, East Cork, Ireland on
    December 1st at approximately 8am. I work nights, and as I
    was driving home the sky looked promising. It's only a short
    distance from my home, and by the time I got there the
    conditions were just about perfect.

    I'm sure that most of you won't have any knowledge of
    "Brown Island", but it brings back many happy memories
    for me as I spent many happy summers there."
       --Paul Flynn
Please visit Mr. Flynn's Flickr site where you will find many more of his stunning photographs.
Visitor Comments...
    Name: Jack Greene
    Town: Durham, NC

    Wow, what a beautiful photograph! And that boat sure has been there a while, huh?
    Name: Phyllis Helton
    Town: Bristol, VA

    Delightful photo. As I have a good amount of Irish in my blood, that is one place I would like to visit.

    Name: Brenda Tomlinson
    Town: Juneau, AK

    We live in an amazing world. God's beauty surrounds us everywhere we look. Wonderful photo Mr. Flynn!

    Name: Glen Rouse
    Town: Jonesborough, TN

    I love this picture!

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