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Picture of the Day - September 17, 2009

"Church in the moonlight"

Striking photo of a church in silhouette at night.
Photo courtesy of John Nyberg.                      (Click on the photo for a larger view)

It's quite amazing how much different a scene can look after the sun goes down, and a long exposure can often turn it into something absolutely magical. Today's picture is an excellent example.

The bright reflections on the water, the smoke wafting away from the smokestacks and the obvious movement of the clouds contrast dramatically with the static silhouette of the church, creating a photograph that is as dynamic and intriguing as it is beautiful. What an outstanding image, expertly captured by photographer John Nyberg!

Note: This is an HDR image created by processing three individual photographs.
Visitor Comments...
    Name: Elizabeth Rydell
    Town: Williamsburg, VA

    Stunning photo today Mr. Rouse. How ever do you find them?
    Name: Ron Trees
    Town: Spokane, WA

    Most excellent photo Mr. Nyberg!! The color, detail and effect of a long exposure all come together on this one. Very nicely done!!

    Name: Ed Morrison
    Town: Dunwoody, GA

    Mr. Nyberg, you have truly captured a masterpiece here. I'm in awe!

    Name: Juanita L. Ruffner
    Town: Negley, OH

    Beautiful indeed!

    Name: Gordon Brugman
    Town: Gatlinburg, TN

    Mr. Nyberg's long exposure gives this image an otherworldly atmosphere. Choosing the dark of night to create this image presents us with a totally different perspective on what, in daylight, might have been an uncomfortable mixing of the industrial and the spiritual. Great job, John!

    Name: Robert Schwarztrauber
    Town: Buffalo, NY

    We're always in such a hurry. Sometimes, patience is well rewarded - as in this beautiful photo by John Nyberg. That long exposure really made this shot a real work of art.

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