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Picture of the day - December 5, 2008

A desert canyon after a storm

Photo of a gorgeous desert canyon after a storm.
Photo courtesy of Joel Hazelton.

Mention the word desert and images of dusty plains, wind-blown sand and countless skeletons littering the ground usually come to mind, but today's picture by photographer Joel Hazelton is proof that there is actually plenty of beauty to be found there as well. The following is his rather interesting story behind the image:
    "The Superstition Mountains are an extremely rugged, hot and dry
    range just east of Phoenix, and just as any desert, they come alive
    with rain. After a wet winter, the normally dry creek beds become
    rivers with fast-flowing water blasting through boulder-strewn
    canyons, creating crystal-clear pools connected by impressive
    waterfalls and cascades. This particular image, however, records
    the aftermath of the first of many heavy storms of the winter
    season. Because the ground was dry and parched from months
    of no water, it soaked up almost every drop of rain that fell out
    of the sky, with the exception of the slick-rock potholes, such as
    this one, that collect runoff.

    Although not as awe-inspiring as the raging rivers in early spring,
    these clear pools produce peaceful reflections that create stark
    contrast with the surrounding arid desert. I made this image in
    Hieroglyphics Canyon, which cuts through the southwest edge of
    this mountain range, and in spite of itís proximity to hundreds of
    homes in sprawling communities, the feeling of remoteness and
    overwhelming beauty experienced in this canyon is truly unbeatable."
        --Joel Hazelton

Visitor Comments...
    Name: Armand Hanson
    Town: Bristol, England

    What a beautiful scene from such an inhospitable place. I simply must visit the desert southwest again when I return to the States in March!
    Name: Judy Smith
    Town: Norfolk, VA

    My husband and I lived in Phoenix for a brief period back in the '90s, but we never ventured out into the desert. After looking at this picture it became clear to me that that was a big mistake. What a magnificent scene this is, and Mr. Hazelton did an excellent job at bringing it to life for us.
    Name: Amy Dexter
    Town: Phoenix, AZ

    Beautiful shot Joel, I love the crystal clear reflections. I need to make it out to the Superstitions still.
    Name: Ron Trees
    Town: Spokane, WA

    I very much enjoyed todayís picture. There is true beauty in the desert as evidenced here. Very nicely done Mr. Hazelton!!

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