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Picture of the day - March 20, 2007

Houdini Takes Over The House

Our Great Pyrennes Houdini

Back in January, Cheria and I adopted Houdini, a gorgeous Great Pyrenees who has made himself right at home at our place. We returned home yesterday morning to find the humongous canine reclining on the couch, all relaxed as if waiting for us to "fetch" his pipe and slippers. I guess it's now official - Houdini has taken over the household!

When we first brought him home, we thought we might have a difficult time transforming Houdini into a "house dog". He is a sheep dog after all. But much to our relief, our new mountain of fur was already housebroken and he gets along just fine with his feline brother and sister (Mr. Pooh and Tigger). Apparently, Houdini had spent most of his life living inside - which sure made our life easier than it could have been!

Houdini is a full-fledged member of our family now, and we love having him around the house. Now that he's the king of the castle I just hope he'll be nice enough to share the furniture with us from time to time!

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