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Picture of the day - February 13, 2009

Sunbeams over Lake Ontario

Photo of some gorgeous sunbeams shining on Lake Ontario.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Smith.

Ever since I was a little boy I have always been awed by the sight of sunbeams bursting through a hole in the clouds, and today's picture by photographer Kevin Smith is as beautiful an example as I have ever seen. Captured on gorgeous Lake Ontario, this image makes me feel as though God Himself is smiling down on His creations even as we humans struggle with problems of great historical magnitude.

We have been graced with an amazingly beautiful world in which to live, but all too often we seem to forget about all the blessings we have been given as we toil from day to day to make it through our all-too-short lives. I believe it's important to take a breather every once in a while just to reflect on the bounty of our wonderful planet and the greatness of the all-powerful and supremely loving God who blessed us with it. And photographs like this one sure make the task a lot easier!

The camera and settings used by Mr. Smith to capture this image:
    Camera: Nikon E2200
    Focal length: 12 mm
    Shutter speed: 1/235 second
    Aperture: f/4.2
    ISO: 50

Visitor Comments...
    Name: Phyllis Helton
    Town: Bristol, VA

    Delightfully lovely!!
    Name: Annalee Jackson
    Town: Irving, TX
    Today's picture is simply gorgeous and I love the story too. Great job on all counts.
    Name: Angie Doss
    Town: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful shot! I've spent many hours sailing the waters of the Great Lakes with my husband and father-in-law, and I can tell you from personal experience that you will see things there weather-wise that you simply won't see anywhere else. This is an outstanding photograph Mr. Smith.
    Name: Ron Trees
    Town: Spokane, WA
    Very nice picture today by Mr. Smith!! The exposure is spot on! Great job.

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