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Picture of the day - December 26, 2008

Madison playing "Peek-A-Boo"

Photo of little Madison playing "Peek-a-boo".
Photo by Cheria Rouse.

Some photographs are elaborately planned with the subject(s) getting all dressed up in their "Sunday best", then visiting a studio where a professional photographer will have them pose this way and that under lighting that is virtually guaranteed to make them look like a million bucks. Other photos are nothing more than snapshots taken on the spur of the moment to capture forever a fleeting moment from someone's life that quite possibly might never be repeated. Take today's picture for example...

My one and a half year old granddaughter Madison spent much of Christmas Day at her Granny Martha's house, and during her stay she kept herself busy running around, pulling ornaments from the Christmas tree, playing with her fascinating new "Elmo Live!" toy, and of course entertaining everyone else in attendance with her shenanigans.

While Granny Martha and Aunt Dot were preparing the Christmas feast that we would all soon enjoy, Madison decided that she wanted to play a game of "Peek-A-Boo" with Granny Cheria - who as usual was ready and waiting with camera in hand. The result is one of those precious snapshots that will bring joy and remembrance to us all for many years to come. You can't pose "life" - you have to catch it while you can.
Visitor Comments...
    Name: Karen Hines
    Town: Fremont, NE

    What a precious child and an equally precious picture!
    Name: Sarah Duncan
    Town: Kent City, MI

    What a great choice for the Picture of the Day. Christmas is all about spending time with family and making memories. You have certainly made one here!

    Name: Sean Muncey
    Town: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Little Madison reminds me a lot of my daughter Alicia. I love how you managed to capture all the life that a little girl has within her, and I'm sure this picture will be a treasured keep-sake for the rest of her life.

    Name: Jack Siekel
    Town: Fort Mill, SC

    I too try to take as many snapshots of my family members as I possibly can, often to the extreme of becoming annoying I'm sure. Posed portraits are great, but it's the snapshots of our lives that really give them meaning.

    Name: Phyllis Helton
    Town: Bristol, VA


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