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Picture of the day - December 15, 2008

A spectacular multi-colored sunset

Photo of a beautiful multi-colored sunset.
Photo courtesy of Winston Rockwell.

When master photographer Winston Rockwell picks up a camera, you can bet the results will be simply breathtaking. A perfect case in point is today's picture, and here is Mr. Rockwell to tell us about it:

    "Sunsets are among my favorite photographic subjects, but I
    hadn't taken any for quite some time; between unfavorable
    weather conditions, or other priorities, I'd somehow gotten out
    of the habit of looking to the west in the evening to see what
    Mother Nature had in store.

    Last Friday evening, though, was different. I had gone to the
    park to try to capture some photos of the wood ducks that live
    there, but they weren't cooperating, and I was about to head
    home when something made me glance westward. I couldn't
    actually see the sun - it had sunk behind a low hill - but the
    clouds looked promising for a colorful sunset so I drove a
    couple of miles to another park on the eastern shore of the
    lake, and was rewarded with this stunning view.

    Once again, Mother Nature put on an incredible show, painting
    the sky as I watched with amazing shades of red, gold, pink and
    violet. It just goes to show, God puts wonderful beauty in this
    world, and all we have to do is take the time to see it.

    This image was captured with a Canon 5D and Tamron SP24-135
    lens at 24mm, 1/80 sec @ f/7.1."
      --Winston Rockwell

Please visit where you can enjoy many more of Winston Rockwell's amazing photographs.

Visitor Comments...
    Name: Stephen Simms
    Town: Memphis, TN

    Mr. Rockwell, I have been admiring your work on this site for quite some time, and I keep waiting for you to submit a mediocre picture. It appears that I'm wasting my time. As always, a simply superb photograph!
    Name: Janet Moore
    Town: Minneapolis, MN

    Stunning colors in this sunset, much like the one I saw here just the other day. Unfortunately, I don't have it within me to capture such beauty as with this with a camera. The world is truly blessed to have wonderful photographers who are willing to share their "bounty" with the world.

    Name: Tiffany Cooke
    Town: Akron, OH


    Name: Ron Trees
    Town: Spokane, WA

    Today’s photo is another masterpiece Rocky! You never fail to please and to motivate!!

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