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Picture of the Day - September 15, 2009

"Mysterious Shore"

Photo of Oregon's Cannon Beach depicted as a very 'Mysterious Shore'.
Photo and narrative by Winston Rockwell.                 (Click on the photo for a larger view)

Cannon Beach, on the northern Oregon coast, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state, and for good reason. Haystack Rock, the famous monolith that rises just across the beach from the town, is among the tallest intertidal sea stacks in the world, and that stretch of shore offers stunning views that attract photographers from around the world.

But the pleasant weather that makes for pretty pictures is not always the order of the day. The Pacific Northwest is notorious for gray, dreary skies, and most photographers (myself included, to be honest) tend to shun such inclement weather for outdoor work. But there are times when clouds and mist can lend an air of mystery, and an almost melancholy feeling of solitude, to what would otherwise be just another picture of a day at the beach.

This was not the shot I wanted when I visited Cannon Beach this day, but as I look at it now, with its forested headlands shrouded in mist and the stark beauty of the rugged, rocky shoreline, it seems in some ways even more beautiful than the typical postcard image with blue skies, puffy clouds, and sunny surf. For this is not a romanticized, tourist-promotion version of this view... it is Mother Nature at her best, revealing in her moods a desolate beauty that makes us mere mortals simply stand in awe. It is for evocative images like this that I travel for hours to spend one short afternoon taking pictures... and will continue to do so as long as I can lift a camera.

This photograph was shot with a Canon EOS 5D and Tamron SP24-135 lens at 135mm, 1/30 sec @ f/11. I invite you to visit where you will find many more of my images.
Visitor Comments...
    Name: Rick Rouse
    Town: Abingdon, VA

    Rocky, your images always leave me wanting to see more. Great job as always!
    Name: Juanita L. Ruffner
    Town: Negley, OH

    What a magnificent view and beautiful capture...I am so in heaven...I'm a native Oregonian and know how it is there - It is how you described!!! Glorious, Winston.
    Name: Denise Boling
    Town: Bristol, TN


    Name: Ron Trees
    Town: Spokane, WA

    This one is a beauty Rocky!! The Oregon Coast is definitely one of our favorite places to go and I have seen scenes like this many times and never tire of seeing them. You have done an excellent job of recording this scene!! The low clouds and the mist coming off of the water are very typical. If I could find a job on the coast, we would move there in a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing this one with us. I do have to agree with Rick in that I never tire of what you and your cameras come up with!

    Name: Paul Reynolds
    Town: Tolleson, AZ

    The sailors of old used to have nightmares about this type of weather while at sea. Wonderful job at capturing the fury of nature when it strikes an otherwise stunningly beautiful place.
    Name: Gordon Brugman
    Town: Gatlinburg, TN

    Another stunning image, Rocky. This one is a great example of how a photograph can evoke emotions. Great job, as usual. Thanks!
    Name: Doug Thomson
    Town: Concord, NC

    Mr. Rockwell, this looks like a scene from some of Peter Jackson's movies. Could Kong be in that mist or could the Hobbits be on their quest with the Ring? Fantastic photo!
    Name: Phyllis Helton
    Town: Bristol, VA


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