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Picture of the Day - September 21, 2009

"Nature's beauty"

Photo of a beautiful butterfly resting on a leaf.
Photo courtesy of Andres Ojeda.                      (Click on the photo for a larger view)

When God created our wonderful planet He certainly included plenty of beauty for us all to enjoy, and some of the most beautiful things of all are the little things that most of us tend to take for granted. In today's picture photographer Andres Ojeda has managed to capture the typical magnificence of a butterfly, but in my opinion even the plant that it's resting on has a certain beauty all its own.

Our Creator was exceedingly generous when He filled the earth with such simple, yet amazing beauty. Our opportunities for watching the sun rise over the ocean or experiencing the grandeur of a snow-capped mountain peak bathed in alpenglow might be few and far between, but if we take the time to look around us we're sure to find plenty of beautiful "sights" right in our own back yards.

Visitor Comments...
    Name: Fran Thomson
    Town: Saltville, VA

    This picture is so AH-some. (no I didnít misspell the word, I just sighed). I have often heard that a butterfly is like love, the more you chase it, the more it eludes you, but leave it alone and it will come to you. This picture is a wonderful depiction of our Creator and His masterful plan. Do we keep trying to elude it? I wonder!
    Name: Ed Morrison
    Town: Dunwoody, GA

    Gorgeous image in every way, and the narrative is dead on. Great job Mr. Ojeda (and you too Rick)!
    Name: Robert Schwarztrauber
    Town: Buffalo, NY

    As you say Rick, beauty is all around us. We just have to look for it with an attitude that expects to find it. Andres Ojeda certainly found and shared it here with that beautiful butterfly. A skillfully produced photograph.
    Name: Mary Epstein
    Town: Rock Hill, SC

    Every day it's the same old thing on this site - one magnificent photograph after another! Please, please, please don't ever change it. In my opinion this is the best photography website on the Internet.
    Name: Rick Rouse
    Town: Abingdon, VA

    Thank you very much for the very kind words Mary. I'm glad you like visiting the site.
    Name: Meredith Oakes
    Town: San Rafael, CA


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