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Picture of the day - December 17, 2008

The "hustle & bustle" of New York City

Nighttime photo of New York City.
Photo courtesy of Nick Sadowski.

New York is often called "the city that never sleeps", and today's picture by photographer Nick Sadowski certainly lends a bit credence to that nickname. Here is Mr. Sadowski to tell us about the image:
    "I took this picture while vacating in New York City from the
    walkway over the Brooklyn Bridge. I aimed to show with the
    streaking traffic trails the constant hustle and bustle that is
    synonymous with New York City. The Financial District in lower
    Manhattan all lit up at night simply adds to the effect I was
    trying to create.

    I shot this with my Canon EOS 5D with my 16-35 f/2.8L lens.
    To achieve the streaking traffic trailing lights, I mounted my
    camera on a tripod and exposed at f/9 for 8 seconds. This
    image, and the others I took during my vacation will always
    have me longing to return to 'The City'."
       --Nick Sadowski

Visitor Comments...
    Name: James Fleenor
    Town: Roanoke, VA

    What a great shot of the traffic crossing the bridge. It's simply amazing how the cars seem to have disappeared with the long exposure.
    Name: Austin Larkins
    Town: New York, NY

    Mr. Sadowski, you did an awesome job capturing the hustle and bustle of my wonderful city. I hope you enjoyed your New York vacation as much as I enjoy living here!

    Name: Meghan Tottle
    Town: Littleton, CO

    Nice photo all around. I have experimented a bit with long nighttime exposures, but I can never seem to get the streaks of light from the automobiles quite right. I'd love to know your secret Nick...

    Name: Tim Briggs
    Town: Santa Clarita, CA

    Awesome shot! Great perspective and the long exposure!

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