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Picture of the Day - September 26, 2009

"Misty morning on Paudash Lake"

Photo of a beautiful early morning scene on Canada's Paudash Lake.
Photo courtesy of Rick DaSilva.                      (Click on the photo for a larger view)

The vast expanse of Canada is dotted with thousands of scenic lakes, and today's picture gives us just a glimpse of their natural beauty and serenity. Here is photographer Rick DaSilva's story behind the image:
    "This photograph was taken on Paudash Lake near Cardiff, Ontario
    over Labour Day weekend at 6:30 am with the sun breaking through
    the cloud cover. I had taken a shot but with a water trampoline,
    and it was suggested that a Canoe would be interesting. I tried to
    reshoot it but the conditions were not exactly the same. You can
    view "Morning Sun" on my Flickr page to compare the two. Enjoy!

    This image was shot at 30mm focal length, F/4.5 at 1/400 second,
    ISO 100. Canon Rebel XSi. Straight from the camera with no post
    processing whatsoever."
         --Rick DaSilva

Visitor Comments...
    Name: Nancy Goodwin
    Town: Arlington, VA

    This is such a lovely scene. I have never had the pleasure of visiting Canada but I sure would love to. Nice job Mr. DaSilva.
    Name: Gordon Brugman
    Town: Gatlinburg, TN

    Mr. DaSilva, I want to thank you for submitting your wonderful photograph. I spent 13 of my boyhood summers at my parents cottage on Lake Temagami in Northern Ontario. I came to deeply love its beautiful scenery and the warmth and friendliness of itís people. So many memories of good times are brought to mind while I look at your marvelous shot. Thanks again!
    Name: Elena Petrova
    Town: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

    Beautiful picture Mr. DaSilva. I visit Paudash Lake this summer - love it.
    Name: Adrian Seahorne
    Town: Chula Vista, CA

    Relaxation to the max. I love this picture Rick!
    Name: Mike Archer
    Town: Mayersville, MS

    This looks like a typical autumn morning on the large pond just down the road from my house. The mist sure gives it a peaceful look. Nice job on the photo.
    Name: Frank Houser
    Town: Moultonborough, NH

    Nice one!

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