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Picture of the Day - October 18, 2009

Sunrise on the Pirin Mountains

Photo of the Bulgaria's Pirin Mountains at sunrise.
Photo courtesy of Ivan Hristov.                   (Click on the photo for a larger view)

As the earth spins on its axis, the first dim rays of the rising sun slowly creep along the planet's surface, continually bringing light to areas that had previously been covered by the darkness of night. As dawn breaks, the highest parts of the landscape see the sun's rays first. If there are mountains in the region, the eastern face of their peaks will light up, and as the sun rises higher in the sky the light will descend towards the valley floors as if a dark blanket is being peeled away from the mountainside.

Sunrise is widely considered to be the most magical time of any day, and in today's picture photographer Ivan Hristov has captured the beauty of the Pirin Mountains of Bulgaria basking in the first rays of the rising sun.

Here are the camera and settings used to capture this image:
    Camera: Nikon D60
    Focal length: 35mm
    Shutter speed: 1/125 second
    Aperture: f/5.3
    ISO: 400

Visitor Comments...
    Name: Jamey Gorman
    Town: Augusta, ME

    I have never seen a photo quite like this one before. In a word, stunning!
    Name: Ed Morrison
    Town: Dunwoody, GA

    Amazing perspective, exposure, focus...this image is virtually perfect in every way. Outstanding job Mr. Hristov.
    Name: Phyllis Helton
    Town: Bristol, VA

    Beyond Beautiful!!!!
    Name: Kathy Beach
    Town: Maryville, TN

    Thank you, Mr. Hristov for sharing this awesome view with us. Those are some majestic peaks you captured there and your timing and depth of field are excellent. You have a wonderful perspective, a steady hand and quite good balance. Judging from where you were standing when you shot this picture you have excellent balance and nerves of steel.

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