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Picture of the day - February 22, 2009

Ruby Beach

Photo showcasing a beautiful sunset at Washington State's Ruby Beach.
Photo courtesy of Winston Rockwell.          (Click on the photo for a larger view)

Today's picture features yet another beautiful and rather intriguing landscape by frequent contributor Winston Rockwell. This image showcases the spectacular beauty of America's Pacific coast. The following is Mr. Rockwell's story behind the image:
    "Ruby Beach, located on the Pacific coast of Washington State,
    is one of the more scenic and rugged beaches on the Olympic
    Peninsula. About thirty miles south of the town of Forks, WA
    (setting for the recent movie "Twilight"), Ruby Beach is popular
    with tourists and photographers alike. It's easily accessible from
    highway 101, but the lack of amenities, aside from a restroom
    at the top of the bluff near the parking lot, means it's mainly a
    day-use spot for visitors to stroll the beach, search for agates
    or interesting bits of driftwood, or just sit and watch the ever-
    changing sea.

    Miniature islands such as the ones found at Ruby Beach, known
    as sea-stacks, are what's left after eons of erosion, as the sea's
    relentless forces carve away the shore. Some sea stacks, such
    as the one in the background in this image, are still large enough
    to support trees and undergrowth, while others have eroded till
    little remains but barren pinnacles of stone, but they all serve
    as roosts and nesting grounds for sea birds such as guillemots,
    gulls, scoters and murres, many of whom range far out to sea
    for food, but may never set foot on the "mainland".

    Ruby Beach at sunset can be one of the most beautiful places
    on earth, as the soft glow of the sinking sun lights the rugged
    stone "dragon's teeth" with shades of red and gold. Places like
    this are clearly the handiwork of a Creator who knows beauty,
    and has placed it here for His children to enjoy...

    This image was captured with a Canon 5D and Tamron SP24-135
    lens at 24mm, 1/40 sec @ f/11, and processed using Dynamic
    Photo HDR and Photoshop image processing software."
        --Winston Rockwell

You'll find lots more of Mr. Rockwell's stunning images on his website at

Visitor Comments...
    Name: James McFadden
    Town: Tulsa, OK

    Very nice picture of Ruby Beach. I've been there, and the scenery is indeed amazing.
    Name: Toni Yeary
    Town: Bluff City, TN

    What amazing formations those "dragon's teeth" are. I've never seen anything like that before!

    Name: Kyle Phillips
    Town: Burke, VA

    Beautiful photograph Mr. Rockwell, as always. All of the Pictures of the Day are awesome, but yours are consistently top notch.

    Name: Amanda Conyers
    Town: Sandy Springs, GA

    Beautiful...and quite interesting to boot!

    Name: Phyllis Helton
    Town: Bristol, VA

    This one truly is a gem.

    Name: Ron Trees
    Town: Spokane, WA

    Another spectacular photo Rocky. I truly never tire of viewing your images!!!! Thanks for sharing them.


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