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Picture of the day - February 25, 2009

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Photo of Saint Petersburg, Russia's Saint Isaac's Cathedral.
Photo courtesy of Maria Li.         (Click on the photo for a larger view)

Today's picture by photographer Maria Li features one of the world's grandest houses of worship: Saint Isaac's Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The history of Saint Isaac's is quite interesting indeed. Tsar Alexander I decided that he wanted to build a massive church in Saint Petersburg, and in 1818 construction began on what would become the largest church in the entire country of Russia when it was completed some 40 years later.

The Soviet regime soon decided however that the largest communist country on the planet was no place for a house of worship. They closed the building down completely for a while, but before long they had turned it into a museum celebrating atheism. But after the iron curtain fell and Russia abandoned its communist government, Saint Isaac's was allowed to open once again as a church. Regular services are held there to this day.
Visitor Comments...
    Name: Tamara Albertson
    Town: Willow Creek, CA

    What an interesting story...and the picture isn't bad either!
    Name: Earl Blackmore
    Town: Houston, TX

    Yes, quite interesting indeed. That is some building. It must be at least 200 feet tall.   Editor's note: Saint Isaac's Cathedral stands 333 feet high.

    Name: Judy Hill
    Town: Bland, VA

    This is a very inspiring story. This magnificent building came full circle. First it was a house of worship, then a museum celebrating everything that religion stands against. But in the end the Lord won out and it became a church again. I love it!!!

    Name: Vladimir Kostov
    Town: Saint Petersburg, Russia

    In Russia this church is called Isaakievskiy Sobor. The inside is very beautiful. Thanks to you for displaying it as picture of the day.

    Name: Phyllis Helton
    Town: Bristol, VA

    Magnificent, story and photo.

    Name: Robert Schwarztrauber
    Town: Buffalo, NY

    That's what makes Today's Photo so special - a chance to view wonderful photos, like this one from Maria Li. And from others all around the world. What a nice winter's view of that beautiful and massive church from a land so far away.

    The other thing that draws me to Today's Photo is seeing comments from folks all over the world, like Vladimir Kostov from Saint Petersburg, Russia. How great is it, that all around the world, people who look for and appreciate the wonders in this world, the good, the positive side of life come together here, at Today's Photo to share with one another daily?

    It has been my experience that photographers and those who appreciate good photography are always in hopeful pursuit of something beautiful. And are seldom disappointed. And never disappointed by Today's Photo. Thanks Rick!

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