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Picture of the Day - October 21, 2009

South Mountains State Park

Photo of a tumbling creek at beautiful South Mountains State Park in western North Carolina.
Photo courtesy of Joey Bowman.                  (click on the photo for a larger view)

The mountains of western North Carolina offer their visitors plenty of magnificent scenery, and thousands of people come every year to see first-hand the beauty that those of us who live in the region have been blessed with all our lives. And many of them take some of the region's beauty back home with them via the wonders of photography.

Today's picture features a tranquil scene from South Mountains State Park near Morganton, NC. Chiseled away from the Blue Ridge by eons of erosion, the mountains, hills and valleys that lie within the park are every bit as scenic as those of their more famous relatives. Photographer Joey Bowman captured this gorgeous image while hiking the most popular trail that goes to High Shoals Falls. Here are the camera and settings he used:
    Camera: Canon EOS 30D
    Focal length: 18mm
    Shutter speed: 1 second
    Aperture: f/22
    ISO: 100
    Exposure compensation: +0.3 step
You can see more of Mr. Bowman's outstanding images at
Visitor Comments...
    Name: Tony Manford
    Town: Spruce Pine, NC

    I know South Mountains Park quite well, and I'm sure I have seen this very spot that Mr. Bowman has so wonderfully captured. Great job sir!
    Name: Phyllis Helton
    Town: Bristol, VA

    We are truly blessed.
    Name: Ed Morrison
    Town: Dunwoody, GA

    What a wonderfully executed shot! I would love to visit western North Carolina again. I spent a week at Beech Mountain a few years back and it was absolutely great. That area was indeed blessed with more than its fair share of gorgeous scenery.
    Name: Gordon Brugman
    Town: Gatlinburg, TN

    Great work Mr. Bowman. The long exposure and the resulting “angel hair” effect on the flowing water is a perfect compliment for the darker background of foliage in the shadow of the forest canopy. Thanks for sharing your image with us.
    Name: Lauren Blackwell
    Town: San Antonio, Texas

    What a beautiful scene! This image conveys the beauty of God’s world through the composition, the color, and the softness. I can hear the water trickle and I can smell the muskiness of the deep forest. I want to follow that stream wherever it leads, so that I can experience more and more of the North Carolina wilderness. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful image.
    Name: Mitch Ballard
    Town: Schenectady, NY


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