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Picture of the day - December 20, 2008

A beautiful autumn day at Washington Park

A beautiful autumn view of Albany's Washington Park.
Photo courtesy of Willard Bridgham.

Today's picture by photographer Willard Bridgham features a beautiful autumn scene at Albany's Washington Park. This looks like such a peaceful place, just right for a relaxing picnic or perhaps a leisurely walk along the shores of the lake. I love how the blazing colors of the autumn leaves are reflected in the calm waters.

There are countless parks similar to this one in small towns and big cities all across the United States of America, and every one of them offers plenty of opportunities for photographers to practice their photography skills!
Visitor Comments...
    Name: Ron Trees
    Town: Spokane, WA

    Beautiful Fall colors Mr. Bridgham!! I do find myself wishing that we were back to that time of the year. It is probably my favorite season and you photo did a great job of recording it.
    Name: Gary Talbert
    Town: Cheyenne, WY

    A beautiful picture of a lovely place. Very nice!

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