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Picture of the Day - September 8, 2009

"Aunt Ruby as a little girl"

Photo of my Aunt Ruby as a little girl.
Photo courtesy of Catherine Plybon.

Since I wrote about my wonderful Aunt Ruby for a previous POTD, regular visitors to this site already know how much I love and miss her. The other day my cousin "Cat" (Aunt Ruby's daughter) discovered this great old snapshot of her mom as a toddler while looking through an old purse left behind after her passing way back in 1974. She was probably no more than two years old when this picture was taken, but even then she had the same beautiful smile she always seemed to have on her face when I was growing up under her loving care.

To the average person this is probably just a very poor-quality snapshot from days gone by, but to me, Cat and everyone else who knew and loved this wonderful woman it is a veritable treasure that has brought joy and happiness on a level that simply cannot be measured. Before she happened upon this picture, Cat never even knew of its existence, and needless to say neither did I. But now it has become one more piece in the puzzle that is Aunt Ruby's memory and legacy of love, and I can truly say that this is one of the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen.

Gorgeous sunsets and stunning scenery make for great photographs, and Cheria and I have a number of them hanging on our walls. But it's grainy old snapshots like this that really have the power to impact our lives and keep the memories of our precious loved ones who have gone on before us fresh in our minds.
Visitor Comments...
    Name: Brenda Fogerty
    Town: Rocklin, CA

    This is one of the "best" photos ever to appear on this site Mr. Rouse. I went back and re-read your previous post about "Aunt Ruby" and it's easy to understand why this snapshot means so much to you. Thanks for sharing your memories of such a wonderful lady with the rest of us.
    Name: Ed Morrison
    Town: Dunwoody, GA

    Very nice indeed.

    Name: Marisa Daniels
    Town: Ellsburg, MN

    How right you are about these "grainy old snapshots". This is a great one!

    Name: Jane Morgan
    Town: Powhatan, VA

    I just LOVE this picture!!! I too lost a most precious Aunt a few years ago and I still get choked up when I sit and look through her old photographs. Oh, how I would love to stumble across one I have never seen before! Great, great picture!!!

    Name: Bud Dawson
    Town: Hattiesburg, MS

    Your Aunt Ruby must have been one heck of a lady. I guess most of us have had someone like her in our lives, and it's always such a shock when we lose them. Snapshots like this are absolutely precious.

    Name: Brittany Salyer
    Town: Cookeville, TN

    This is why I love this site so much. Mr. Rouse, I think it's wonderful how you go beyond the basic nuts-and-bolts of photography and inject personality and feeling into your writings. Thanks so much for sharing such personal images and memories with the rest of us.

    Name: Roger Yao
    Town: Boxborough, MA

    My grandparents came to this country almost 70 years ago in search of a better life for my mother and my uncle, and unfortunately they were gone long before I was born. Although I never had the chance to get to know them I feel like I have a good understanding of who they were and what they stood for after hearing my mom tell many stories of their lives as we paged through several books filled with wonderful old photographs similar to this one. Those grainy, wrinkled up black-and-white snapshots are the most precious possessions my mom has, and some day they will be mine. Today's picture is simply fantastic sir!

    Name: Betty Griffin
    Town: Rock Hill, SC

    Gorgeous!!! And I do mean that literally.

    Name: Margaret Miller
    Town: Tempe, AZ

    Thank you for bringing such joy into my life on a daily basis Mr. Rouse. A real serious health condition has kept me more or less housebound for the past two years plus, and your websites (yes, I read your blog too!) give me inspiration and keep me entertained on those long, dreary days when the pain is almost too much to bear. I don't always agree with the things you write, but you always make me think. And there have been a few times when your writings have led me to change my mind on an issue. I love your websites and I feel blessed to be able to share in the richness of your life and experiences in this very small way. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family.

    Name: Tom Larkey
    Town: McMinnville, TN

    About all I can add to the comments on today's picture is "me too!". Love it!

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