Robert Schwarztrauber


Photographer Robert SchwarztrauberRobert Schwarztrauber views photography not merely as a means to capture and record visual images for fun and profit, but rather as a unique vehicle to a healthier and happier lifestyle. “There exist in everything created, by man or by God, an inherent beauty. What better way to live can there be, but to wake each day and look with expectation for what’s beautiful…find it, photograph it, and share it with others?”
His passion for photography was first explored in high school where he spent many hours each week taking photographs with film and processing them in the darkroom. But only recently, through digital photography, has Robert explored and gained a better understanding of the full range of opportunities that photography can provide for better health, wealth, and wisdom.
On his website, Robert reports on opportunities for better physical and mental health through photography. Articles there reflect his own research and that of other noted experts on the connection between the physical act of getting up and out to take photos and its power to improve the entire body when combined with the stimulating brain and thought activity involved in photography. Robert’s many expert articles on this topic may also be found at
As a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), Robert is committed to helping others advance their skill in the art of digital photography as well.
Creator of “The Original Photoshop Tip Cards”, he offers everyone the opportunity to improve their photographs and income opportunities using Photoshop Digital Image Editing software. His tips, tricks and secret shortcuts for improving the quality of your photos using Adobe Photoshop software can be found on his blog at or at Many of his wonderful images can be enjoyed by visiting his online gallery.

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