Ron E. Trees


Photographer Ron E. TreesI have taken pictures for all of my adult life starting with a Canon A1 back in the early 1980’s. We then traded that for a Canon EOS 650, which my wife still used until I purchased a Canon 590 IS for her last Christmas. I have taken pictures off and on all this time, but generally just left the camera on Auto Mode.
Then about 3 years ago, through a series of events, my oldest daughter ended up with two new Canon S3 cameras. She gave me one of them as a gift and that is when I really started taking pictures.
Thanks to digital photography, I soon found that I could take many photos, start learning what worked and what did not work, and not have to pay for the film or to have it developed. I have since upgraded to a Sony a700 DSLR and several Sony lenses. This is what has really got me going in photography.
I love being able to go out with my camera and try my best to produce photos of all the beauty that our Heavenly Father has placed in this world for our enjoyment. I have been to a few places that I have wanted to go to for many years, and may never be able to go to again, but I have photographs to remind me of the good times there.
I really enjoy all types of photography, but I truly enjoy landscape and macro photography. Sunrise and sunset are often some of the most beautiful times of the day. I feel that this is the time that the Master Painter does some of His best work. We call them “love letters” in our home. I enjoy trying to capture them.
With macro photography, you can see things that are just not visible with the human eye, and it is pretty awesome. It opens up a whole new world that many miss.
I have never taken any classes in photography, but I would like to. I know that there is still much to learn and I am trying all the time to learn as much as I can.
Photography has been very rewarding to me and I hope that I will be able to enjoy it and share it for many years to come. I would encourage anyone to pick up a camera and see what you can do with it. You very well just might surprise yourself!
I invite you to visit my online gallery where you’ll find many of the photographs I have taken over the years.

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