Change Your Life…in a flash!

Professional photographer and Photoshop guru Robert Schwarztrauber has been a Special Contributor to as well as a good friend for quite some time, and over the years I’ve come to expect nothing but excellence from anything that he creates, whether it be a masterfully captured photograph or a full-blown photography course. That’s why when he asked me to review and critique “Change Your Life…in a flash!”, his new two-volume audio CD program that explains in detail how to make a number of positive changes in one’s life through the wonderful world of photography, I jumped at the chance.

When Bob first told me about the program, my initial thought was that he had created yet another “How to start a photography business” type of tutorial filled with tips and tricks for getting started making money with your camera. Well, I was right to a certain degree – he indeed explains how to do just that. But after listening to the first half of Disc 1 it became quite clear that this program offers so much more than just a tutorial on starting a photography business. It is in fact a tutorial on building a happy and healthy life with photography, whether one ultimately decides to “turn pro” or not.

“Change Your Life…in a flash!” was designed from the ground up to help anyone with a passing interest in photography to get started shooting right away. Via these two info-packed CD’s Bob shares his expertise in choosing the best camera for your goals and budget, shooting and editing various types of photographs, and ultimately making money from your photography work. Nothing really new here except for the plain, common sense way in which he explains the ins and outs of becoming a successful photographer. And nobody explains it better.

But then he adds an entirely new dimension to the field of photography, a dimension that few others have even thought about. In his thoughtful, yet plain-spoken way, Bob explains how getting started in photography can change your life in ways that actually have little to do with the act of taking pictures itself. For example, do you often find yourself depressed or bored with the life you’re living? Do you get out of bed most every morning with a feeling of gloom and doom hanging over your head? Do you look in the mirror and see nothing but an older, out of shape version of you from 10-20 years ago? Do you constantly struggle at maintaining a job and earning enough money to support a decent lifestyle?

While no self-help tutorial or get-rich-quick scheme can change your life for you, this practical, down to earth program will give you the tools you need in order to change your life for the better if you really want to change it and are willing to put in the effort required to do so!

Now I’m not going  to sit here and tell you that “Change Your Life…in a flash!” will take 20 years off of your appearance and put a million dollars in your bank account, but I will tell you that after listening to these informative and compelling CD’s I now understand how building an active lifestyle around the wonderful world of photography can help most anyone improve the quality of his/her life. Most anyone who has found success as a professional photographer can teach someone else how to copy their methods and do OK by most standards. But only Robert Schwarztrauber has explained how to buy a camera and use it to build a lifestyle that many will only dream about, even if you never actually sell a single photograph in your life.

Yes, Bob is a friend as well as a colleague, but I truly believe that his new program “Change Your Life…in a flash!” can help you do exactly that or I would never recommend it. I know that many of you come to every day just to check out the latest “Picture of the Day”, and that’s fine. We’re certainly happy to have you! But if you have even the slightest interest in picking up a camera and becoming actively involved in the wonderful world of photography, I recommend that you get your hands on a copy of this amazing program right away!

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About the author: This review was written by Rick Rouse.